Raising awareness of Mental Health

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Raising awareness of Mental Health

So this post is probably one of the most important and personal ones for me. It really marks the start of Sabao and through neglecting my own mental health I came to develop the ideas and philosophy around the brand. At the start of 2017 I crashed, it was a cold Tuesday morning in January and I felt like could have been under one those oppressing, heavy, dark clouds. I’ve always been anxious by nature – you know one of the types who won’t sleep before an exam, plan my routes carefully, if I was meeting someone – guess who would be there first! But it was only when motherhood settled in with my second daughter did I really see all of this start to negatively manifest itself. Timekeeping was absolutely crucial, I started to get unnecessarily nervous about bad weather and looking back I set such ridiculous expectations on myself.

For those who have passed through it, or going through it – it can feel like you’re on an endless carousel journey, wanting to jump off but tightly clutching not knowing if you’ll make it. So in February I decided to make my New Year’s Resolution. It had to be small enough that I could do without putting extra pressure on myself and more importantly achievable.

Here it was: “Every month I am going to do something new” no matter how small be it calling a friend, trying a new activity or even just changing my daily routine.


Fast forward a few months and there I was making Bath Bombs. Creative, achievable and you actually get something out of it. After a few months of practice I finally nailed down my recipe and its benefits;

  1. Essential Oils -in the Aromatherapy Collection I wanted combine scents which aren’t traditionally put together but help relieve stress, anxiety, bring calm and also helps brightens your mood
  2. Cocoa Butter – since having children my skins been an absolute mess – so in my testing phase I loved the feel of both Cocoa butter and Shea Butter. It left skin feeling nourished and moisturised.
  3. Price – as a mum of two your purse strings start to get tighter and priorities start to set in. So I really wanted to make affordable products which have amazing benefits to both mental and physical well-being.


Sometimes when you’re going through a tough spot, some TLC can help. So if the Aromatherapy bath bombs can help calm and relax your senses and help you drift away if only for 5 minutes do let me know, as I will be one happy mumpreneur and this journey would be worth it  xoxo


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