What are Shower Steamers?


What are Shower Steamers?

Have you heard? Shower Steamers are the new Bath Bombs! Seriously they are on their way…and we are really excited!!

Our Shower Steamers contain menthol crystals which are steam distilled from Mentha Arvensis (Corn Mint.) This creates is a clear, colorless needle-like crystal with a typical peppermint odor. The mint leaves have been used all across the world from India in Ayurvedic uses for digestion, Europe in medicine and even Aztec times to help promote good sleep. The oil has been known to help ease aches and pains so you’ll find it commonly in products such chest rubs or muscle rubs.

We have paired this with a range of Essential Oils to help bring an air of clarity, peacefulness and spring in your step.


So how exactly does it work?

We would recommend running your shower for a few minutes, close the doors and windows and let the steam naturally build up. When you are ready to jump in, open the pack and place the shower steamer in the tray and pop it on your bath or shower floor. Now where you place it in your shower is important.

Best place: Around 30cms from where you naturally stand. This will ensure that the water droplets fall on the shower steamer which will active the fizz and start releasing its gorgeous aromas.

Worse place: Directly under the shower. If water falls onto the shower steamer it will create a faster fizz and flow straight out of the tray and down the drain. Oh those poor essential oils!

When the shower steamer starts to fizz, it will release the cooling, refreshing scent and this will be carried in the water vapours and surround you with a delicate veil of scented freshness.


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