Natural Exfoliation – No Micro beads!


Natural Exfoliation – No Micro beads!

We know that plastic micro beads have recently been banned which is amazing. Micro beads have been used in face scrubs, body scrubs and toothpastes meaning once these go down the sink they do not disintegrate into the natural surroundings but instead make their way into our ecosystem.

This is why in our body scrub we have opted to use Earth’s natural exfoliator – Salt. This has two benefits to the skin. Firstly, it gently removes any excess dead skin cells on the face/body, and secondly salt is great at detoxifying the skin.


Why should we exfoliate and how often?

Exfoliation for the skin helps remove the dead skin cells that naturally occur on the outermost layer of the skin. Physical Exfoliation though scrubs are very effective at removing the dead skin cells and leaving your skin looking and feeling refreshed and healthy.

You can exfoliate your body around twice a week. Always apply the scrub on damp skin and work in circular motions around each area this also helps with blood circulation. Do not wax after exfoliating as your skin may be more sensitive.

You should always moisturize after each time you exfoliate, no matter what type of skin you have.


Our Salt Scrub Collection includes;


Peony & Pomegranate

This beautiful pairing of floral and fruits is perfect pick me up to transport you to the Middle East. Allow the dead sea salt to gently massage away any areas of excess dead skin cells and leave your skin soft and beautifully scented. The ruby red subtle, distinctive fragrance has been blended with the bright fresh notes of Peony.

Orange Blossom & Ylang

Comprised of natural oils and Dead Sea salt, this decadent scrub’s foaming texture feels light and creamy as your skin looks refreshed. Your skin will be delicately scented with aromatic citrus notes. The scent transforms from a burst of fresh, sparkling clean citrus to a soft, calming, feminine white floral of Ylang.

Spearmint & Eucalyptus

This is an invigorating scrub made with salts derived from the Himalayan Sea and essential oils. This is a tropical cleanse that will not only massage away dead skin cells, but also gently scents your powder room with cooling notes of eucalyptus and spearmint for a crisp revitalising effect.

Apricot & Pear (Allergen Free)

This Allergen Free body scrub is amazing for those with sensitive skin. The smooth, velvety notes of Apricot has been joined with another delicious fruit the green pear. With its sweet, green and refined scent this body scrub will give you a juicy and reinvigorating experience.


How to use a Salt Scrub

Use in the shower to jump start your day or in the bath and let the natures fragrances calm you for a de-stressing soak.


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