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Essential Oils From Around The World At Your Fingertips

Marjoram & Lavender Bath Salts – Coming soon


Eucalyptus and Ginger Bath Salt1

Eucalyptus & Ginger Bath Salts



Orange Blossom & Ylang Body Scrub



Spearmint & Eucalyptus Body Scrub



Pear & Apricot – Allergen Free Fragrance Body Scrub


Peony & Pomegranate Body Scrub – Coming Soon



Sicilian Bergamot & Chinese May Chang



Malaysian Ylang & Cajeput



Brazilian Rosewood & French Lavender



Italian Light Neroli & Argentinean Lemon


Get More From Your Ingredients

As much as we enjoy a coloured bath bomb/products we believe the FRAGRANCE IS THE STAR attraction and should shine through, so you'll see more natural hues to our products.

We believe in using the best ESSENTIAL OILS where possible in the collections as these help promote wellness and also well-being.

We are also proud to say we can DIRECTLY TRACE the country/island of where our Essential Oils come from.

All products are HANDMADE and PERSONALLY WRAPPED AND PACKED by us and made here in Southampton, UK.

All of our Bath Bombs/products are packed with SWEET ALMOND OIL which has amazing nourishing properties on the skin.

Compared to major retailers we DO NOT CONTAIN SULPHATES (SLS)

Why Choose Sabão?

There are so many are just a few
Quality Ingredients

All ingredients used are ethically sourced, natural, safe and smell absolutely amazing! Why trust my nose? - Read my story in the About section.

Cruelty Free

We are sulfate (SLS) free,paraben free and cruelty free. Absolutely no animal testing here! We love our bunnies.

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Handcrafted Products

Every single product is made by hand which means it was made with love and care. We don't believe machines can put it those extra touches.

Nourishing Range

All products contain either Sweet Almond Oil or Cocoa Butter which a lighter oil, great for moisturising skin without clogging pores. Ideal for people with sensitive skin.

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What Do My Customers Think?

"The bath bombs are amazing!! My skin feels moisturised and fantabulous after using them, also found that relaxing with them helps my migraines too with the lovely aromas helping me relax so much (which is mucho needed with a 10 month old and packing up a house for moving!!) totally recommend these products!!"

Laura W

"Amazing bath bombs great for your skin and soothing scents that relaxes you. Leaves you feeling like a million dollars, you just don't want to leave your bath."

Anisa A

" Loved it! And the smell!"

Charlotte W

"I loved the Aromatherapy twist on these bath bombs and the sweet almond oil which made my skin so soft!"

Roops R

"I really liked the softness of the Bubble Bars. The Bubbles were almost like foam! Lovely to touch and feel."

Jennifer G


Merryoak Road, Southampton, United Kingdom