Bath Bomb FAQs

What is a bath bomb?

This is such a popular question. For those new to the colourful, fizzing, foaming world of bath bombs it can be quite overwhelming. So bath bombs are a mixture of essentially sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. When this activates with water it creates a fizz and then dissolves. You'll find these two ingredients in things such as toothpaste, shampoos, shower foam and even in effervescent vitamins. 
What we do to make it more fun is add colour, fragrance, and oils to enhance your bath experience. We use three different oils in our bath bombs and a range of essential and fragrance oils to leave your skin feeling soft, nourished and smelling amazing.

Are bath bombs quite fragrant?

Most people are used to the high street scent - however here at Sabao we created a more sophisticated version of bath bombs for adults. The Wellness Collection uses two main essential oils which does not over stimulate your senses. They have been carefully chosen and combined to help alleviate modern day stressors. The fragrances used for the kids bath bombs have again been carefully chosen so that they smell amazing but are not overpowering. They contain apricot kernel oil that gently conditions the skin and are perfect for all skin types.

What makes bath bombs moisturising?

Here at Sabao we use four different oils when making our bath bombs. These include organic cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter. These are all know for their skin conditioning properties but also help hydrate and protect the skins barrier. 


Which Wellness Bath Bombs should I choose?

Each Wellness Bath Bomb has it's own character. Depending on your mood you can choose from the following.


  • Amyris & Geranium - Calming and Grounding. This bath bomb has a delicately sweet, vanilla floral scent which helps calming, relax and create a peaceful and pampering bath time.
  • Rosewood & Lavender - Soothe and Relax. This bath bomb contains English Lavender which has a clean, aromatic aroma. Paired with a woody floral it can help alleviate muscle, joint pain and headaches. Perfect for bedtime.
  • Eucalyptus & Fir - Energising and Clarity. This bath bomb has a crisp, woody and fresh aroma. Perfect to help remove feelings sluggishness and low mood it  will help clear your mind and leave you feeling uplifted. Great for when you have a cold or feeling under the weather. 
  • Ylang Ylang & Cajeput - Playful and Peaceful. This bath bomb has a fresh, tropical floral scent. This duo is can help relieve stress, improve circulation and can help with muscle ache (in particular cramps). Perfect for those pick me up moments.
  • Bergamot & May Chang - Energising and Uplifting. This powerhouse of citrus notes can help brighten your mood and bring refreshing positive vibes. It can help lower stress levels, aid in pain relief and aid in reducing fatigue. 
  • Neroli & Lemon - Concentration and Stress relief. Did you know Neroli is on par with Lavender when it comes to relaxation and calming properties. This duo of essential oils can help support the immune and nervous system. Great for re-centring yourself and concentration.



Can I store bath bombs in bathroom?

No. The humidity and steam can activate the bath bomb. We would suggest storing your bath bombs away from direct heat, humidity and sunlight. Do not store them in air-tight jars. Instead, opt of a shoe box, brown paper bag or cupboard where is it dry and away from sunlight. 

Why should I use a bath bomb?

Well, if you have a bath - why not? Try it and see if you like it! If you don't have a bath we offer Shower Steamers. These can be placed in your shower tray or at your feet - they activate in the same way as a bath bomb releasing all those wonderful aromas to calm or invigorate your senses!