March - Meet The Maker

love seeing all these post for Meet The Maker, so this is mine. I won't bombard you with pictures on Instagram for 31 consecutive days - instead if you are interested - here's my story...


My name is Nisha and I am the Mumpreneur of this beautiful company -  Sabão.

"Mumpreneur" is a new word which I would describe who I am right now and what I am doing. I love my current job and adore my family, however there was something niggling within me.

The mumpreneur was screaming out to be creative in something - anything! I tried sailing and was miserably confused at all the terminology, sushi making which was delicious at first but too much rice just caused bloating and for those who know me I love to cook but when you do this daily it turns into more of a chore than a creative outlet. Then one night as my other half was away for a business trip I pulled out two kits which I had ordered weeks before. A decoupage kit (which is still half done to this day) and a Bath Bomb kit.

I have been a fan of Lush for years, however recently whilst strolling into my local shop I found myself surrounded by teenagers, children and the heady aroma of all those scents which had amalgamated into one overly sweet scent.


Had I become too old for Lush? Did the neon colours and overly sweet scents make me want go have a bath or go for a hunt for some candy floss? The latter. Yes. 

My excitement and love for bath bombs never 'fizzed' away (love a pun!) However being at a certain age and not wanting to look like the oldest person in Lush - I wanted more out of my bath and something kinder to skin. A sophisticated bath experience which would allow all the stress of the day to melt away, albeit not in neon pink water. So I thought why should we be denied our fun in the bath, so this is where the concept came from. Having bath bombs which are amazing for skin and smell great. But of course why would you trust what I think smells good?



What do I know about fragrances... actually quite a bit!

So after completing the kit, I felt a sense of accomplishment. After 4 years of not being able to even finish a book - this felt great! I flung off my "mum" hat and went back to something which was me. It allowed my creativity to be unleashed, utilize my work skills and divulge into a territory which I am extremely familiar with - Fragrances.

My passion for fragrance started at the age of 1 years old. I kid you not - my mum used to put a cologne called Eau de Lavande Naturelle Bien-Etre, which was very popular fragrance in Mauritius and France. When we used to travel to Mauritius my Grandad gave me a handkerchief with a cartoon bunny and this scent would be permanently ingrained in the soft cottony strands. Now, as a mum of two girls I found myself applying it to the girls clothes at around the same age - if not younger! I love the woody, spicy, fresh and citrus scent and that was the start of my fragrance journey. Around 5 years old mum and I would love visiting the perfume counters where I came home with handful of samples which I eagerly opened and indulged in their varying scents. I adore the way a fragrance can change your mood or remind you of a particular moment in your childhood. It has such a unique effect which I think is quite magical.

In Year 2 I was sent to the back of the class as I had put too much perfume on. So you could say I was born with this passion for fragrances and just needed the right outlet!

The two which have been embedded into my old factory senses are Havana by Aramis & Black Pearls by Elizabeth Taylor. These fragrances encapsulated the Perfume industry and evokes memories of the revolving doors in Selfridges when you enter the Fragrance Hall and you are comforted by the animalic, gourmand and heady florals notes.

Now, I am really fortunate to work for one of the largest beauty company in the world where I have been trained in fragrances, beauty and make up for just over 15 years. I've worked across many famous luxury brands and each one plays a part of how I have created Sabão. 

So here's where my story begins - creating my own blend of bath bombs and products for everyone to enjoy.

Nish xoxo


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